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Annie Gordon is a Sydney based freelance surf and landscape photographer based in the
Eastern Suburbs. Annie finds it exhilarating photographing the ocean’s raw and unpredictable
nature, especially at Bronte Beach.

From a young age, Annie has always been fascinated by large waves. As a curious child at home
with the typical sibling arguments, she clearly remembers her parents scolding her, saying,
“Annie, stop making waves!” This resonated strongly with her for a long time.

As a teenager in the 1970’s, Annie had a brief and unsuccessful stint of surfing her second hand
McCoy board at wild Bondi Beach. It was men’s territory only! Annie soon realised that a much
safer option was reading Tracks Surfing magazine instead of living dangerously! To overcome this
angst, Annie was able to transform the negative into a positive with a career in surf photography.
Annie is now making waves!

Annie finds it very exciting and exhilarating photographing Mother Nature’s wild show and the
brave surfboard riders especially at Bronte Beach when there is a King Tide. This results in
enormous and powerful surf conditions that aren’t for the faint hearted. The bigger the swell
the better!

Annie Gordon’s collection of photograph artwork is for sale and she is currently looking for
a venue in Sydney to exhibit her latest body of work.