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“Bronte Beach and Beyond: A Journey of Liberation” is a celebration of my life, health and happiness. In 2013 I had to have life-saving surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Mother Nature had profound healing qualities in my recovery; helping to find my strength, confidence and inspiration again.

After gaining a newfound respect and love for nature, I captured the magical light of Bronte Beach’s dawn, sunrise and waves. The experience is a form of physical meditation which keeps me focused in the here and now. I find it exhilarating photographing the raw and unpredictable nature of Bronte Beach’s powerful waves.

I recently travelled to Japan, to capture the ancient and modern elements that harmoniously intermix. This was my first and definitely not last trip, as I have fallen under the spell of the charming and quirky nature of Japan.

I have used the ultra wide fisheye lens in some my pieces. It instantly takes me on an exciting and often unpredictable journey into the world of distortion and surprises. It adds humour to the otherwise normal object being photographed, such as a tree or a flight of stairs.

My aim for “Bronte Beach and Beyond: A Journey of Liberation” is to provide patients, staff and visitors at the Sydney Children’s Hospital with a window to another world that is entertaining, creative and inspiring.